KJR Developments Ltd is a Lincolnshire based, micro family company providing project & technical management services in both the construction and engineering sectors.

Focusing on modern construction & engineering methodology KJRD is actively involved in innovative projects that challenge traditional thinking. Our digital first approach, leveraging the latest technology to improve productivity, is key to long term success. Our focus on technology implementation to drive efficiency has helped not only our business but our partners and clients alike.

Our experience as a business spans complex control system design and delivery through to play park installation management and construction work in the property sector.

Our Mission

At KJRD we are seeing first hand how technology is transforming industry from conception through to operational life of an asset. Our experience in UK infrastructure engineering and delivery, with senior management roles, has enabled KJRD to help shape the future of UK construction.

Moving forwards our mission is to utilise our experience in UK infrastructure and create modular, technology enabled homes that are value focused and built to last.

Through collaboration with other businesses, we will build a partner eco system which supports not only the local Lincolnshire economy but the UK drive for industry innovation in construction.

Our Culture

Our key objective is to build a long term sustainable rural business which supports the local economy and other micro businesses in Lincolnshire. We believe that the key to achieving this is through collaboration, promoting an open environment where businesses can thrive.

KJRD is a strong supporter of the circular economy and the need for positive change. Our planet has finite resources and the current take – make – dispose economic model is not sustainable in the long term.  The move to a circular model, which means designing products and services to be regenerative, will ensure we can continue to advance the global economy reducing the impact on our planet.

Technology is a key enabler to achieving a sustainable, collaborative and environmentally responsible business and is core to our approach.