A new year and some exciting challenges ahead…….

Post by Kevin Reeves – Jan 2016

The new year is upon us and straight back into the action.  HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE

Several new ventures being explored by Costain and the directors of the water sector are involving me heavily in developing them into real world projects.

Great progress being made with partnerships in place with IBM and Schneider to deliver these complex projects for Costain and their clients.

Extremely grateful to Costain for the opportunity to get so involved with high level business development.

2016 looks set to be a great, if slightly hectic year!

The future for asset management…..

The last few months have been incredibly busy with some excellent progress made at Costain. A partnership between Costain / IBM has been developed to evolve BIM into the future for asset management – Asset Lifecycle Information Management.

This means taking data collected through the design and build phase and putting it to use through operational life. This can be the use of data for condition based monitoring, operational efficiency, maintenance scheduling and for processes optimisation.

In this age of “big data” companies are waking up to the possibilities for efficiency in analysing data and dynamically adjusting processes and even material selection based on this live feedback.

Exciting times ahead.

Interesting times…..

Well its certainly been an interesting few weeks, following several meetings with the directors of Costain it has been agreed to build an ICA business under the Costain umbrella.

KJRD is to write up the business plan and assist with the business development and very much looking forward to the challenge.

For such a large engineering company to place such trust in KJRD is a real vote of confidence and with the team being built there is no doubt it will be a success.

Long term thinking

As the business plan develops for SIP-X it is raising some very interesting questions, to build a business that can deliver high quality housing tailored to a CE approach a very long term view needs to be taken. Typical investment into construction and for businesses is largely based on short term gains, in order to secure finance a short term ROI needs to be demonstrated.

Where the sole purpose of the business is to build to the highest quality and retain the asset then this changes the “typical” approach to funding.

This is likely to be one of the hurdles that needs to be addressed in circular economic models, with small companies being the life blood of the economy funding models to accommodate may need to be developed.


New venture progressing

The cogs are in motion with KJR’s new venture, spent the weekend discussing the various ideas and options with Kim, really excited about the prospect of realising our goal and delivering quality through modern methods of construction.

Also putting together a body of evidence for our membership to the association of project management following discussions with them, another accreditation under the KJR belt to demonstrate our commitment to demonstrating competency in the industry.

A long short week…..

A very interesting week, it’s been short but felt long at the same time……..

The big lesson from this week has really re-iterated our company philosophy that real value is delivered through quality of product and service whilst understanding the clients requirements.

All too often efficiency drives simply mean chopping back existing resources and processes, rather than re-thinking the way in which a business or project operates.

Considering the whole life cost of a product or service can radically alter the approach, it may mean from a client perspective there is an initial increase in capital investment, but there is a long term gain. It could mean the client doesn’t buy the product or service at all but rents the product or sets up a service level agreement.

Value for KJR is completing a project and knowing that the client has got what they wanted at a price they can afford, taking into account short and long term requirements.

Mentoring in the workplace

Spending the afternoon sat in the sunshine following a rainy morning, completing a dissertation for mentoring learners in the workplace.

Great course with some very thought provoking techniques presented, definitely going to ask to sit the level 7 qualification, really interesting stuff.

Implementing Change

Very interesting day today, great dialogue with the client about leading ICA standards within STW and the potential for working with other water companies to achieve sector wide standard products.

A big ask but real collaborative drive in the industry at present with what seems to be a genuine desire for change.

Interesting to read some more about the end of the code for sustainable homes, not sure if this was the right choice as sustainability is crucial within the housing sector, the code has brought about some great innovations.

Mentoring for start-ups in Lincolnshire

Interesting chat today with Carol from the Fredericks Foundation, KJR is looking to dedicate some time to start-ups on a voluntary basis.

A lot of companies doing this now and a great way to share experiences and help people through that tough first year.

The Fredericks Foundation have some great people on board and KJR is looking forward to helping out.