IET – Interoperability of the digital twin

One of the key challenges facing adoption of new technologies is interoperability, both with existing technologies but also standards.

I have co-written a paper with Prof. Carsten Maple of Warwick University which has been accepted but the IET and will be published.

Not only that but we get to present at the IET event in March, great stuff !

The digital twin is something close to my heart and will become a core part of our SIP-X offering, we will build this capability into the design from day one to realise a whole series of benefits.

How we take large scale technologies and scale this down for smaller rural schemes is of great interest to me, mainly because technology that works in a city may not feasible in a rural location, therefore interoperability is again a consideration.

I plan to explore how the digital twin fits in a rural scheme and how the benefits compare.

A very interesting subject and will keep you posted !


The digital twin

Ok so its full on Geek time !

Digital twinning encompasses everything I love about technology, it drives lifecycle digital management and reduces whole life costs for operations and maintenance. All this managed through a virtual representation of physical assets , oh yes.

Along with many others I have been pushing this concept in the construction sector for years with many people looking at me as if I am bonkers !

However just before Christmas 2017 the National Infrastructure Commission released a paper – ‘Data for the public good’ which sets out the government ambition for an infrastructure digital twin…….. lovely.

At Costain I have a lead role in the business for driving this forward and working with the BSI to start to consider standards in this space.

For KJRD this will translate into working towards a simplified version for small rural schemes, which is pretty much as complicated as it sounds. Simplifying what it is a complex solution is quite a challenge, but hey, we only live once.

Catch up soon on progress……

A new chapter begins…..

Hi everyone,

So here we are with another new year and it looks set to be a good one !

The business has been on tick over for the last 18 months as life at Costain has blossomed, however with the Government’s plans for housing looking very promising we will this year move towards realising our longer term goal – building quality sustainable homes.

We had intended to realise this goal a few years ago but the knock on effect of the 2008 crisis for small business has taken a long time to resolve. Funding for micro businesses like ours has been tough to get at sensible rates, that is finally starting to change, hurrah!

However on reflection the fact it has turned out this way is actually very positive, the time spent working for Tier 1 companies in senior management has really broadened not only my skills but also my understanding of first class delivery enabled by technology.

What is certainly clear is that the opportunities today are perhaps better than ever and our focus on modular construction, coupled with technology to improve productivity will no doubt lead to continued success.

Here is to a prosperous new year.